UnravelCon 2017: The State of Search—How We Got Here & Where We’re Headed

UnravelCon 2017 - The State Of Search

Google is changing every day. Even if you’re an SEO professional, it’s daunting to keep up with the constant state of change that is Google. It may be tempting to think that all these changes are just keeping the SEO and web industry in business…so-called “built-in-job-security.”

But Google’s changes are (almost) always for the good of their customers— searchers. Caring for their core audience means also taking good care of YOUR core audience. So take heart – and see where things are heading.

Let Unravel President Scott Schaper guide you through the madness at UnravelCon 2017 with his session “The State of Search: How We Got Here & Where We’re Headed”.

Not sure how to keep up with @Google? Scott Schaper of @unravelkc does. #unravelcon2017

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How Search is Changing

Search is as different now as its ever been, and the process in which business owners and marketers capitalize on it is constantly in flux. How can we deliver what we do when the nature of search is always changing?

How is today’s search impacting your site and the needs of the person searching for you? In order for your business to make a dent in search results and be found by your audience, it’s crucial that you format your website so that it tackles search differently.

What You’ll Learn From Scott

Branding Strategy | Scott Schaper UnravelConDuring this talk, Scott will explore how Google operates: what its endgame is and why it does what it does. He’ll also show you how you can stay on top of Google’s constant updates, how to incorporate them into your SEO strategy, and how to smoke out your competition once and for all by playing Google by its own rules.

We know you’ll enjoy Scott’s affable, commonsense, and humorous approach to understanding how Google works and what you can do to master it for your business.

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