UnravelCon 2017: Local SEO & You

Local SEO Workshop - UnravelCon 2017

Carving out a local niche for your business is a challenge that all business owners are familiar with. How do you stand out from your local competitors? What does it take to be the #1 search result in your area on Google—and how do you stay there? You’ve most likely got your Google My Business account rip roaring and ready to go…but what’s next?

Lucky for you, we have someone with all the answers at your disposal: Michael Black, head honcho and SEO maestro at the helm of marketing and SEO firm SEOMike Consulting, is leading “Local SEO & You” at UnravelCon 2017: Google Deep Dive.

Learn how to dominate your local search results at #unravelcon2017 with @SEOMike!

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Why Should You Care About Local SEO?

According to Google, four out of five consumers use search engines to find local information including important business information like location and hours. Additionally, those searchers are high-intent customers and are more likely to buy than folks who aren’t searching, with 18% of local intent searches leading to a sale within a day. (source)

18% of local intent searches lead to a sale within a day. #unravelcon2017 #SEO

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Local SEO efforts ensure that a business’ information can be accessed by Google and is in sync across multiple websites. When everything is lined up, a business has a very good chance at ranking in the results for high-intent local searches.

What You’ll Learn From Michael

Michael Black of SEOMike ConsultingDuring “Local SEO & You”, Michael will address important things that business owners and marketers can do for themselves to increase their chances of their websites appearing in locally-focused results.

He’ll share with you his top tricks and insights for crafting and implementing your own local SEO strategy. This is also your chance to get direct advice and recommendations from one of Kansas City’s most renowned SEO experts!

You’ll be impressed by Michael’s command of current local SEO practices as well as his “user-friendly” approach to SEO. Learn more about him here!

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