UnravelCon 2017: Let’s Get Google Analytical

Google Analytics - UnravelCon 2017

Google Analytics is no longer simple. Today’s interface is too complex, with too many reports, views, and filters for most people to understand at a glance. If you’re a business owner, oftentimes your only resort for understanding Google Analytics is to watch YouTube tutorials only to have to read the tea leaves of what the data is telling you.

Kevin Pike of RankFuse Interactive wants to help you make sense of all the confusion at UnravelCon 2017’s “Let’s Get Google Analytical” talk.

Stop reading tea leaves & dive deep into #googleanalytics with @kevinpike of @rankfuse #unravelcon2017

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Why Google Analytics?

Every business owner needs to understand how traffic to their websites converts across different channels. How else will you know how your marketing investments are paying off unless you understand the data…and what to do with it? Google Analytics is the key to understanding how your website and all of its content are performing. With more robust reporting at your fingertips, you can improve upon your customers’ experiences and continue to grow your business.

Similarly, content marketers need Google Analytics to dive in on page-level details. Search and user behavior at the page level tells content marketers what is working and what needs to change in order to improve their strategy.

What You’ll Learn From Kevin

Kevin Pike of Rank Fuse InteractiveDuring “Let’s Get Google Analytical” you will learn how to own your data—meaning, understanding what Google Analytics is telling you so you can capitalize on it. It’s your data, after all. You’ll know what to look for, where to find it, and how to disseminate that info once you’ve located it. Kevin will also reveal the “3 Profile Views Every Analytics Account Should Have”.

Seriously—Kevin’s going to take you deep into Google Analytics. You’ll walk away having a profounder insight into how the platform works and how you can put it to work for you. Kevin’s decade’s worth of experience will be on full display and ready to take on your toughest questions and conundrums. Learn more about Kevin here!

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