4 Reasons to Attend UnravelCon 2017

Who’s excited for UnravelCon 2017: Google Deep Dive?? *Raises hand, points to self*

There are a multitude of reasons for attending UnravelCon this year. With a handful of exciting, in-depth talks that will teach you how to take a high dive into mastering Google, this year’s digital marketing summit is sure to impress. We’ve outlined a few of our topmost reasons for why YOU, dear reader, should be at UnravelCon 2017.

#1. You’ll dive DEEP into Google…

Whether you’re a business owner, digital marketer, or student makes no difference—Google is changing. Every single day, in fact. Not to worry. UnravelCon 2017: Google Deep Dive is exactly that: a deep plunge into the inner workings of Google so you can finally understand how to use it to your advantage. Want to get to the top spot of Google? Want to help your clients understand SEO better? Interested in a career in search engine marketing? Then Google Deep Dive is for you.

#2. …with help from the pros.

The guys who are leading Google Deep Dive are bonafide Google experts. No joke. We’ve got:

#3. You’ll connect with awesome people

UnravelCon was created as a way for business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, influencers, and students to gather together in one place for a day of learning, sharing, and growing toward a better future. Basically we wanted to put the best of Kansas City (that’s YOU) in a room together and see what happens. It’s an opportune time to meet others who are in the same boat as you, make connections, and foster new relationships.

#4. It’s the best way to end a work week

UnravelCon 2017 runs all day Friday, Sept. 15, starting with a BBQ lunch from Burnt Ends BBQ and culminates in a Question/Answer panel, giveaways, and a Beer:Thirty Happy Hour at the end of the day. Knowledge share, succulent meats, and alcohol…on a Friday? *Raises hand, points to self*

We can’t wait to have you join us for UnravelCon 2017: Google Deep Dive. It’s truly an awesome day that’ll get you pumped to go back to the office and start putting Google to work for you with a few extra LinkedIn connections under your belt. ????

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