3 Questions With…Steve Scearce, Content Strategy Lunchable Speaker

Steve Scearce - Content Strategy Lunchable Speaker

Steve Scearce is a Kansas City-based content marketing professional who specializes in content strategy and development. Steve is the owner and operator of KCWMS, a company of writers, authors, and bloggers that serves the digital marketing content needs of businesses and agencies across the country.

Steve has worked in sales and marketing his entire professional career, but has been working in digital marketing—content development and strategy, specifically—since the late 90s. Steve knows what it takes to craft a successful content strategy, and he wants to share his know-how with you at the Content Strategy Lunchable workshop on June 14. We had the opportunity to ask Steve a few questions about his expertise—get to know this awesome fellow and prepare to have your mind melted at his workshop on June 14!

#1. How did you get your start in content marketing?

Steve Scearce: I’ve always had a knack for storytelling and composition, and when I worked in traditional sales and marketing at various tech companies over the years, I was routinely called upon to add message and story to web pages and other online content. When I decided to strike out on my own, I felt like the best use of my skills as a writer, not to mention my experience in marketing, would be to focus on creating and developing content for the digital marketplace. I was fortunate that when I made the leap there was a growing need for those who understood the nuances of both and could apply those skills to the growing fields of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

#2. How have you failed…and recovered?

Steve Scearce: In the past I’ve been guilty of focusing so much of my time and energy on client work that I’ve occasionally neglected my own housekeeping duties. In 2016, for example, we went for long stretches without contributing to our own company blog and social media accounts. From a marketing and strategy standpoint, this was a failure to take our own advice—the same advice we dole out to our clients and agency connections on a daily basis. The recovery process is well underway.

#3. What do you love about KC?

Steve Scearce: As a business owner, I love the fact that Kansas City is the biggest small town in the nation. The business community here is friendly and accessible. If you want to speak to the Mayor of KCMO, the General Manager of the Royals, or the CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, you can probably get any one of them on the phone without too much trouble.

Bonus Question Round!

#4. What are you currently reading?

Steve Scearce: The book in the office (the lunchbreak book) is a book on substance, structure, and style in screenwriting called Story by Robert McKee. The nightstand book is a recently published collection of short stories and essays by one of our own writers.

#5. What do you do when you’re not working?

Steve Scearce: As a business owner, it’s too easy to let work bleed into the evenings and weekends, so I try to disconnect after hours and be as social as possible. I attend group meetings with other writers and authors I know in the Kansas City area, host dinner parties at the house, and try to get outdoors.

#6. What other things would you like people to know about your business?

Steve Scearce: My company, KCWMS, has been in the content business for 10 years. In that time, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to multinational, multibillion dollar companies. We have a diverse body of writers able to affect the tone and voice required for any content marketing job that comes our way. And we LOVE working with marketing and advertising agencies in Kansas City!

Connect With Steve

You can connect with Steve on Twitter or KCWMS on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

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